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cluster In one sentence, FindMyStyle bridges the gap between online and offline shopping of fashion products while keeping the charm and benefits of online shopping. One of the biggest advantages (other than discounts, of course!) of shopping online is the vast catalogue available across brands, clothing material, price point, etc. which is virtually impossible in a single physical store. The availability of vast catalogue ensures that the probability of what a consumer is looking for is high. But the task of finding that product in that catalogue is often not much easier than finding a needle in a haystack. The traditional way of filtering products to get to what you are looking for using filters like keywords, brands, price points, etc. reduce the pain to a certain extent but given the aesthetic nature of fashion categories, these filters are largely insufficient. Going back to the offline world, one often has access to an adept salesman who can understand your needs no matter what phase of product discovery you are in.  This is what is missing in the current way of fashion shopping online.  This is exactly the gap Snapdeal wants to bridge in a revolutionary and intuitive way called FindMyStyle.

Enabled by state-of-the-art computer vision and machine learning algorithms developed at Snapdeal, this new tool simulates behaviour of a salesman in a store addressing customer needs. Products are matched for pattern, color or design using our state-of-the-art image representation that tries to emulate the way our brain perceives visual information. Products are automatically curated into styles using their images. This provides a non-linear way of browsing our catalogue which is particularly useful if the consumer is in her early stages of product discovery. Compare this against a sequential list of products one has to traverse through on all other e-commerce sites ordered by price or popularity.

refineFor users at an advance stage of product discovery, FindMyStyle solves the problem of finding fashion products that have small variations or are nearly similar looking to the product that the customer is interested in. Using this, the customers can easily evaluate all the available variations and make an informed buying decision.

FindMyStyle is born out of the deep understanding of the pain points our customers face especially when moving from brick and mortar shopping model where you can ask for help from the salesman to the online self-serve model. Browse our catalogue and you find what you need. Snapdeal brings to you a never seen before, online experience into fashion browsing.

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  1. Shobhit Saxena

    I liked the idea and am sure if would have been wonderful journey building the product.

    But if I think of salesman role then it should ask customer – what are you looking for? This can come from search or filters used by customer too.

    Next comes showing customer products on different dimension and understanding which dimension she wants to vary. Like I can show same pattern in different colors or same color in different patterns. Different customers tell salesman on what dimension they want to move.

    Now that we have better non-linear view of products, may be linking it with online salesman like feature will help futher.

    Example – I tried searching for collared T-shirt for myself in medium size and couldn’t narrow down my product discovery.

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