Snapdeal launches its own cloud – Snapdeal Cirrus

 Snapdeal Cirrus will be one of the largest OpenStack based hybrid cloud deployments in the world


Snapdeal, India’s largest online marketplace, today announced the launch of its own private cloud platform, Snapdeal Cirrus.

Snapdeal cloud is built entirely on open source with OpenStack at the center, making it not just an industry-first in India, but also one of the largest OpenStack deployments of a hybrid cloud anywhere in the world. Snapdeal Cirrus spans across three data center regions, with … Read full article →

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Redefining your fashion browsing experience

cluster In one sentence, FindMyStyle bridges the gap between online and offline shopping of fashion products while keeping the charm and benefits of online shopping. One of the biggest advantages (other than discounts, of course!) of shopping online is the vast catalogue available across brands, clothing material, price point, etc. which is virtually impossible in a single physical store. The availability of vast catalogue ensures that the probability of what a consumer is looking for is high. But the task of … Read full article →

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The ‘Fashiate’ Experience: From Startup to Snapdeal.

“It has long been an axiom of mine that the little things are infinitely the most important.”

— Arthur Conan Doyle, The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes.

Small little things. Like a cool evening zephyr enveloping you after a humid day, like receiving a surprise from your little one, like simply laughing your heart out, like tucking into a comforting meal, like finding your dream dress, like matching it with an exact lipstick shade. These little things are ‘infinitely the most … Read full article →

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