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Analysis of JVM Off-Heap Caching Libraries

Caching is an integral part of any Java application now a days. Among different variants, in memory caching/on heap caching  is most preferred for its simplicity and ease. Applications tend to dump more and more long lived objects in cache leading to huge heap allocations.With large heaps, at some point – typically starting at around 4 GB – you will start having issues with your garbage collection pauses.

Off Heap Cache shines out as strong alternative in such scenario as:… Read full article →

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How to choose a NoSQL database

NoSQL databases are now part of web-scale architecture. The question is when to use what? Below, I try to compare the NoSQL data stores that I have worked with. Hopefully, it would be useful for programmers exploring and deciding the technology for their web-scale application.

When to use NoSQL

Before deciding on to use NoSQL instead of a SQL technology, you should ask yourself following questions about your use case (includes ACID test of your application) :

  1. Transactions vs No
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Handling low latencies for real-time inventory and price updates

One of the biggest challenges that the engineering team at Snapdeal faces is the ever-growing scale in terms of products, vendors, and customers accessing the website. This results in an increase in the number of queries and updates being made to the database. During peak hours, this often results in an increase in the response time and, as a result, the overall slowdown of the website.

We had already made the move from the original monolithic system to Service-Oriented Architecture … Read full article →

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