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How we’re building a system to scale for billions of requests per day

Background: Snapdeal Acquired Reduce Data – A Silicon Valley Company in September 2015. Asif Ali, currently Associate Vice President @ Snapdeal and formerly the founder of Reduce Data shares how they built a system to scale through this blog. This blog was previously published on Medium and Snapdeal uses this platform as the basis for Snapdeal Ads.



Building a web-scale system is hard, especially when you have a really small team (<10 in engineering). But building good software … Read full article →

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And this is how Diwali was won!

The Snapdeal Technology teams worked around the clock to give India a fabulous Diwali. Here is a sneak peek into our #JeetKaJunoon!

Over 2196 hours of manpower, 1604 techies navigating through every hurdle to give you 10 days of India’s most spectacular festive sale. We thank the entire Snapdeal team for making Diwali so special and successful this year. 

Happy Diwali! Read full article →

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The ‘Fashiate’ Experience: From Startup to Snapdeal.

“It has long been an axiom of mine that the little things are infinitely the most important.”

— Arthur Conan Doyle, The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes.

Small little things. Like a cool evening zephyr enveloping you after a humid day, like receiving a surprise from your little one, like simply laughing your heart out, like tucking into a comforting meal, like finding your dream dress, like matching it with an exact lipstick shade. These little things are ‘infinitely the most … Read full article →

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The best products interrupt your life!

The following Q&A is based on Anand Chandrasekaran’s talk at the Unplugged 2015, where he spoke about one of his lifelong passions; building great products. Read his fascinating take on what makes great products, how the best ones are disruptive. You can also view the entire talk here.

How does a new product find its way into your life and end up becoming your favourite?
One of the key questions to ask here is how you discovered the product. Word-of-mouth … Read full article →

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