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Snapdeal Cirrus: A cloud on our fingertips

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The juggernaut of cloud computing has taken enterprise computing by storm. Public clouds have caught the imagination of developers, CIOs, CFOs alike and rightfully so. But public clouds ain’t necessarily cheap at scale; neither is running your own datacenters. I am very excited to share our story of grappling with these questions and launching Snapdeal Cirrus – our new hybrid cloud; as the future of our computing platform. It has been a amazingly exciting journey and we have learned tremendously … Read full article →

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Snapdeal #WhatTheHack: Ideas to transform e-commerce

Earlier this week, more than a 1000+ team members — 16% of our total team strength– pitched over 150 ideas geared towards a single aim — attracting the next wave of Snapdeal customers. Focused on Growth Hacking, 85 finalist teams went head-to-head for 36 intense hours to develop the next potentially game-changing idea for Snapdeal. SnapdealHackathon_Technology6
The three winning submissions will be judged on multiple criteria including originality, short-term viability, and long-term scalability potential. Results will be announced in the coming … Read full article →

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Investment in cyber security is need of the hour for E-comm

cyber securityAs our online lives are continuing to expand, from transactions to bill payments, to important personal communications, so is the threat to data integrity and privacy. With some recent high profile international breaches, cyber security has become a pain point for business and governments alike. Our challenge as information security and digital forensics experts is to stay one step ahead, with newer forms of threats emerging every day.

One of the cases I remember from the early days in my … Read full article →

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How user research impacts the way products are built at Snapdeal

As e-Commerce continues to expand at an exponential rate; staying one step ahead of the competition becomes even more challenging and exciting. Consumer expectations are also evolving at a fast pace; today’s user expects the machine to not just understand, but also to predict their needs with a responsive and personalized interface.
A poor user experience can and will have a negative impact on the brand, especially when competitors are just one click away.

Snapdeal continues to build a world-class … Read full article →

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