Redefining your fashion browsing experience

cluster In one sentence, FindMyStyle bridges the gap between online and offline shopping of fashion products while keeping the charm and benefits of online shopping. One of the biggest advantages (other than discounts, of course!) of shopping online is the vast catalogue available across brands, clothing material, price point, etc. which is virtually impossible in a single physical store. The availability of vast catalogue ensures that the probability of what a consumer is looking for is high. But the task of … Read full article →

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Analysis of JVM Off-Heap Caching Libraries

Caching is an integral part of any Java application now a days. Among different variants, in memory caching/on heap caching  is most preferred for its simplicity and ease. Applications tend to dump more and more long lived objects in cache leading to huge heap allocations.With large heaps, at some point – typically starting at around 4 GB – you will start having issues with your garbage collection pauses.

Off Heap Cache shines out as strong alternative in such scenario as:… Read full article →

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The best products interrupt your life!

The following Q&A is based on Anand Chandrasekaran’s talk at the Unplugged 2015, where he spoke about one of his lifelong passions; building great products. Read his fascinating take on what makes great products, how the best ones are disruptive. You can also view the entire talk here.

How does a new product find its way into your life and end up becoming your favourite?
One of the key questions to ask here is how you discovered the product. Word-of-mouth … Read full article →

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